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Work in Canada Without a Work Permit – Here Is How

Work in Canada Without a Work Permit

Work in Canada Without a Work Permit

The majority of foreign people who want to work in Canada need a work permit, which is a legal document allowing them to work and be paid by Canadian employers. A foreign national may, nevertheless, occasionally work in Canada without a work authorization.

Jobs that DO NOT require a work permit in Canada

For the following positions, foreign workers can work legally in Canada without a work permit. It should be emphasized that a person’s mere presence on this list does not automatically qualify them for a work permit exemption. A person’s job must be on this list and complete any extra exemption requirements listed on the International Mobility Program website for that job in order to be eligible for a work visa exemption.

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Player or Coach

You might not need a work permit if you are a foreign national competing for a foreign athletic team in Canada. Athletes, coaches, and other foreign group members are covered under this clause. You need a work permit if you are a member of a Canadian team.

Investigation of aviation incidents or accidents

Consider that you have the necessary credentials to examine situations such as airline accidents. If so, you might not need a work permit to conduct such investigational work in Canada. The investigation must fall under the purview of the Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act to be eligible for the exemption.

Business traveler

Foreign nationals who visit Canada for business purposes but do not work there are referred to as business visitors. You might not need a Canadian work permit if you fall under the category of a business visitor.

Note: To be eligible for the exemption, you must fit the criteria of a business person, which differs significantly from a business visitor.

Aviation safety inspector

You can be eligible for a work visa exemption if your job involves inspecting the cabin safety and flight operations of international flights that pass through Canada.


Let’s say you are a non-citizen who is a layperson, a clergyman, or a member of a religious organization. If so, you could be able to work as a pastor in Canada without a work permit. Preaching doctrine, leading worship, and providing spiritual guidance are just a few of your responsibilities in Canada.

Conference planner

You can qualify for a work permit exemption if you plan or direct international conventions or gatherings. Please be aware that this exemption only applies to conference organizers; anyone offering hands-on services (such as audio-visual services) must have the proper work authorization.

Team member

If you work as a foreign-national truck driver, bus driver, shipper or airline employee, you can be eligible for a work permit exemption. Your employment must satisfy two requirements in order to be qualified for the exemption:

Your employment must be related to the operation of the vehicles and providing services to passengers. The vehicles you are working on must be owned and registered by businesses outside of Canada and used to move cargo and passengers across international borders.

Provider of emergency services

If you are a foreign national working in Canada to offer services during an emergency, you might be eligible for a work permit exemption. Your assistance must safeguard Canadian property and human life. Natural catastrophes like fires or floods as well as industrial incidents that endanger the environment are considered emergencies.

Examiner and judge

If you are a professor or academic specialist from outside Canada, you might qualify for a work permit exemption to carry out specific tasks there. These tasks include of assessing and managing theses, research proposals, and academic initiatives. You might work for a Canadian university or research organization.

Investigator or expert witness

You can be qualified for a work permit exemption if you are employed in Canada to give testimony in front of an administrative tribunal, a court of law, or another tribunal.

A member of the foreign representative’s family

You might qualify for exemptions from the Canadian work permit requirements if you are a spouse, child, or foreign representative. To be eligible, you must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  1. It would be beneficial if you had a GAC counterfoil in your passport and were accredited by Global Affairs Canada (GAC).
  2. A letter of no objection from GAC is required. This letter is typically only sent if Canada and another country have an employment reciprocity agreement.
  3. official or representative of a foreign government

If you satisfy one of the three criteria listed below, you can be eligible for a work permit exemption:

  1. You are a government employee from a different country who is employed by a Canadian and foreign government through an exchange program.
  2. You represent another nation as a diplomat or other official representative.
  3. You are a UN official or a diplomat from a different country.
  4. If a government employee is working in Canada for more than three months, they need to have an official letter.

Student of medicine

Take the example of a foreign national studying healthcare in Canada who wants to work as part of a training program. You might be qualified for a work permit exemption in that situation. You must fulfill the four criteria listed below in order to be eligible for the exemption:

Clinical clerkship participation is required

Your employment’s primary objective is to train you.
You require official authorization from the regional regulatory organization that oversees your profession (please note that not all provinces require this).
Your training period cannot exceed four months.
Only if you satisfy these requirements will you need a work visa.

Judge, referee, or other representative
You can be eligible for a work permit exemption if you’re a foreign national visiting Canada to serve as a judge or other official at an amateur international competition. This exemption applies to the following categories of events:

Reporter for the news or members of the media
If you are a foreign national working as a news reporter or on a film and media crew in Canada, you might be eligible for a work permit exemption. To be eligible, you must fulfill one of the requirements listed below:

Producer of movies actor director technician
additional crucial personnel
This exception only applies to temporary employment, which is often only two weeks long.

Artist performing
Without a work permit, foreign performing artists may work in Canada. The foreign national must fulfill the following conditions in order to be eligible for this exemption:

Temporary highly skilled employee

Temporary researcher
Some foreign nationals visiting Canada for a brief period of time to conduct research can qualify for a work permit exemption. This exemption is only valid if the researcher satisfies the requirements listed below:

Working on-campus as a student
It is not necessary to have a work permit to work on the campus where you attend classes if you are an international student studying there full-time. International students enrolled full-time are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while in class and full-time during the usual academic vacations and holidays.


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