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The latest information for persons looking for jobs in the UAE was released by the UAE government. They would be able to visit the UAE without the need for a host or sponsor to get them a visa thanks to UAE Jobs Without Visa Sponsorship. With the help of this new policy, young professionals and talented workers will be encouraged to visit the nation to hunt for employment without the requirement for a host or sponsor.

Tens of thousands of positions are open in the UAE in a variety of divisions, markets, businesses, and organizations. Jobs in the UAE will now be easier to obtain for applicants from abroad. You can’t get a job in the UAE without IELTS.

Jobs for managers, engineers, safety officers, public relations officers, doctors, quantity surveyors, reservation officers, mechanical and technical jobs, sales representatives, site supervisors, ticketing clerks, cashiers, receptionists, cash desk clerks, sales supervisors, storekeepers, tourist guides, and more are all open to applicants. These are a few of the industries where job applicants are not required to have a sponsor.

Information Regarding Jobs In UAE Without Sponsorship For Visa

#1 Jobs At Emirates Airlines

For the Emirates Airways Jobs, candidates may apply from a variety of academic specialties, including undergrad, graduate, experienced, professional, and non-professional candidates. From pilot to cabin crew, engineering, airline and airport operations, IT, customer relations, call agent, and many more positions are available at Emirates Airport.

You need a recent CV written in English and a recent photo in order to apply for an Emirates Airlines job.

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#2 Jobs at DXB Airport

One of the most well-known and busy airports in the world is the DXB Airport in Dubai. You will be familiar with DXB Airport if you have ever gone to Dubai. Since it is the largest airport, DXB requires a large staff. In Dubai in 2022, there are a lot of airport jobs available.

Minimum Salary: The minimum monthly pay at Dubai Airports is AED 1,800, while the maximum monthly pay is AED 12,257.

Link to Application: Applying for Jobs at the Dubai Airport: Click Here

3# Jobs at Etihad Airlines

The national carrier of the UAE is Etihad Airways. Similar to Emirates Airlines, it provides employment in related industries. To join Etihad Airways, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Also, prepare to move to Abu Dhabi.

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#4 Jobs at Air Arabia

An Emirati low-cost airline is called Air Arabia. It also provides new students with careers. 20 to 26 years old. Application is welcomed from recent graduates. For this position, a diploma or higher-level secondary certificate is appropriate.

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#5 Fly Jobs in Dubai

Whether you’re interested in working as a pilot, cabin crew, in engineering or maintenance, or on the ground, flydubai has a variety of job options. at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).

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#6 Dubai RTA Jobs 2022

Founded in 2005, Roads and Transport (RTA) Dubai. In the Emirate of Dubai, it is in charge of organizing and supplying an integrated transportation system. All nationalities have many job options with the RTA in Dubai. Jobs are available in the following fields:

  • Road and transport
  • engineering and civil engineering (2)
  • Application Development (2)
  • Strategic Planning (1)
  • Technical Support (1)
  • Public Health (1)
  • Human Resources Information
  • Technology Technician (Human Resources)

Minimum Salary: The Minimum Salary ranges from AED 3,500 per month to AED 11,000 per month for RTA Dubai Jobs.

#7 Jumeirah Group Carriers

At Jumeirah, careers are built and there are chances for you to advance in the high-end hospitality sector. Working with top-tier hoteliers, experiencing unmatched career chances, taking advantage of a high-performing team atmosphere, and having the chance to obtain in-depth knowledge are all possible at Jumeirah.

They provide a lucrative, tax-free salary in Dirhams (AED), the local money of the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, throughout all of our sites worldwide, we provide extensive F&B benefits and discounted hotel prices.

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#8 Google Jobs in Dubai

Google is pleased to inform that there are available positions at their office in Dubai. However, no matter which office you enter, you’ll discover Googlers working on creating products that open doors for people nearby and around the world.

The areas of business strategy, engineering and technology, and sales, service, and support are where there are currently openings.

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#9 Sharaf DG Jobs in Dubai

Mobile phones, laptops, televisions, perfumes, home & kitchen equipment, and more are all well-known products from Sharaf DHG in Dubai. It provides a minimum wage of 6500 AED, medical insurance, and personal flight tickets.

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#10 Jobs at Microsoft in Dubai

Career opportunities are available at Microsoft Dubai in a variety of demanding and cutting-edge positions.

Minimum/Required Qualifications:

depending on the requirements of the job, a bachelor’s degree OR a master’s degree Apply for jobs in Dubai after finding them.

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#11 Government Jobs in Dubai in 2022

Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi are just a few of the cities in the UAE where there are government jobs accessible in Dubai. There is a long list of fields available to apply for jobs with the Government of Dubai.

  • Administration Support\sAdministration,
  • Sales, and Customer Service\sAudit and Finance\sAudit,
  • Financial\sEducation
  • Engineering, mentoring, and higher education
  • Engineering in the Civil and Marine Sectors
  • Agriculture, Fisheries, and Farming
  • Farming, Fishery
  • Safety, health, and the environment
  • Safety and health,
  • Waste Control
  • People Resources
  • Management of talent and organizational growth
  • Infrastructure and Application Development for Information Technology
  • Work and Services Agriculture Technician Laboratories, Craftsmen, and Technicians
  • Leadership Senior Leadership, Senior Management Cytology, Chemistry
  • Inspection and investigation by legal, judicial, and regulatory authorities
  • Communications, Marketing, and the Media
  • Events, Marketing, and the MediaCardiology in medicine, surgery, nursing, and allied health
  • Diagnostic medical imaging, physiotherapy
  • Cultural Statistics and Actuarial Statistics, Social, Cultural, and Economical Sociology, and Actuarial Strategy and Quality
  • Excellence and superiority,
  • Project Administration
  • Aviation, tourism, and travel
  • Aviation, Tourism, and Travel

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