Scholarships For Top MBA Students In Canada 

Having an MBA degree is a remarkable accomplishment. Each and every business student hopes to succeed. Students that possess it can take advantage of several chances.

Masters of Business Administration, or MBA, is the official term. It ensures that people who possess it will be given interviews right away and go up in the corporate sector.

A lot of students who took business-related courses are now opting for an MBA to strengthen their resumes. It comes as no surprise. Given that the majority of students intend to earn an MBA, this is not surprising. For students from impoverished nations or those who want financial assistance to complete their study, there are scholarships available.

Many colleges provide financial aid to students who wish to enroll in their programs. The universities and institutions in Canada provide financial aid to MBA students. This post will talk about these scholarships.

Top MBA scholarships in Canada that you may apply for

1. School of Management Ted Rogers (Ryerson University) One of the most esteemed universities in Canada that provides MBA programs is the Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto. It was also ranked among the top 25 global MBA programs by Bloomberg Business week.

Due to the significant financial commitment required for an MBA, the Ted Rogers School of Management collaborated with Ted Rogers, Loretta Rogers, and Loretta Rogers. Scholarships and awards worth up to $15 million could be included in the gift. These grants and scholarships aid students in covering the cost of their MBA programs.

Up to $20,000 in awards and scholarships are available to students. The Ted Rogers School Graduate Entrance Scholarship is only available to exceptional students. Academic achievement and performance are the deciding factors for this scholarship.

Local Canadian students may submit a part-time or full-time application for the award. International students who use it full-time are also welcome to use it.

Go to to apply.

2. Scholarships at the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto)
Toronto, Canada is home to the School of Management. It is regarded as one of the top business schools in the world. Candidates for the MBA program at the University of Toronto’s management school may submit an application.

The Rotman MBA is a fantastic investment in your personal growth. For MBA students, the Rotman School of Management does not provide scholarships. International students are welcomed to enroll in the school’s MBA program through numerous outside organizations. The International Scholarship Programs of the Government of Canada are another option.

The government program offers numerous scholarships to prospective international MBA students.

Visit for a comprehensive list of government scholarships.

3. Bursaries for MBAs in Alberta
All MBA students enrolled in the University of Alberta School of Business’s program received a $1 million prize in 2019. The Alberta School of Business offers scholarships worth $15,000 or $15,000. Scholarships are offered for all MBA programs. See for further information.

4. The Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships
University of Calgary has a business school. Once admitted, they award scholarships to first-year students. During their MBA, students can also apply for awards and scholarships. These include the SU Travel and Conference Fund and the Haskayne Student Experiences Fund.

Visit for more information.

5. Scholarships at the Schulich School of Business
The Schulich School of Business automatically offers scholarships and awards to international students. Scholarships and rewards with a focus on merit are available to students who qualify.

Go to for further information.

6. Ivey MBA Scholarships
Candidates for the Ivey MBA program have access to excellent scholarships and student loans. The awards start at $1.8 million.

For additional information on how to pay for your MBA studies at Ivey Business School, please visit

7. Entrance Scholarship for Sauder School of Business
The Sauder School of Business at UBC offers awards and scholarships. The Sauder School of Business is located at the University of British Columbia. Many scholarships are available from the school. There are numerous scholarships available, including the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship and International Talent Scholarships.

You can look up scholarships at

8. Desautels School of Business
One of Canada’s top management schools is the Desautels School of Management, a division of McGill University. Go to to view their list of available scholarships.

9. Queens College Business school Smith
The business school is located within Queen’s University. Go to to access their website. The school is known as the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

10. MBA Scholarships at HEC Montreal.
Through the HEC Montreal Foundation, you can find a wide variety of scholarships for MBA students. To learn more about scholarships for full-time MBA programs, go to


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