Scholarships At Cardiff Metropolitan University For Performance And Elite Sport In 2023

Scholarships for Performance and Elite Sport at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2023 is what you are reading right now. Continue reading to learn when and how to apply for this scholarship, and you’ll nearly certainly receive it for free. Continue reading to the following paragraph and through the conclusion of this amazing article.

Performance and Elite Sport Scholarships 2022-2023 are partial-funded awards for international students. These scholarships are offered at Cardiff Metropolitan University for both undergraduate and graduate education. The recipients of these awards will have access to top-notch facilities and receive a tuition reduction of up to £5,000 for their programs.

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attend classes in the UK. good news Performance and elite sport scholarships are now accessible. We’ll go into great detail about this scholarship program, its benefits, and how to apply in this article.

The Elite Sport Scholar Award is given to undergraduate, graduate, and international students who excel in sport (including performance and/or coaching). Students that fit the criteria can apply for the award, which is determined by a combination of academic achievement and athletic success.

Students must demonstrate their continuing commitment to Cardiff Met performing sport as well as their own athletic development in order to continue earning benefits from the program for the duration of their studies. Each year, the scholarship grant is assessed.

Scholarship Defense

The Elite Sport Scholar Award recipient receives the following benefits:

  • A reduction in tuition of up to £5,000 for their program.
  • Ample amenities are offered.
  • Assistance with strength and fitness from employees who have received UKSCA accreditation.
  • With assistance from the disciplines of sports biomechanics, psychology, physiology, and nutrition.
  • Sports medicine, which includes physiotherapy and massage.
  • Active yoga and restorative activities; performing arts classes

An overview of the Scholarship

  • Graduate and undergraduate levels of study
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University among others
  • Study in the UK
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University’s entire course offering is one of the opportunity focus areas.
  • Program Length: Variable based on the degree selected.\
  • 32 scholarships are available.

Eligibility Requirements For The Elite Sport Scholar Award

The following elements must be taken into consideration in order to be eligible for the Elite Sport Scholar Award:

All countries in the world are eligible, and English is a language requirement.

In order to be eligible for scholarships, athletes must:

• Attending Cardiff Metropolitan University or planning to do so in the future (any course).

· Play a sport that is authorized by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) and promote the BUCs objectives of the university.

• Compete at the highest level possible in their sport (for instance, at the professional, international, or national level).

• Be recommended by their NGB coach or the university’s sport coach.

• Participation in the BUCS competition on behalf of Cardiff Met is a requirement of the scholarship.

• Students will be expected to participate in promotion and marketing efforts for the School of Sports and Health Science in addition to representing Cardiff Met at public events. If this is not done, the scholarship may be forfeited.

• In order to receive the catering or general campus allowance, you must be enrolled full-time at Cardiff Metropolitan University and have your student ID card on hand.

• Successful continuation of studies in the next year is a requirement for payment of the prize in years two and three.

• How far along you are in your athletic development, as determined by the Performance Sport Panel, will determine how much of the award you receive in years two and three.

• Although there won’t usually be a fourth year of the award, applicants who pursue a 4-year program (including foundation) as well as those enrolled in part-time and/or postgraduate studies will be given consideration.

• The reward will not be awarded to anyone who needs to retake the exam for a whole year, unless they have full documentation of extenuating circumstances for each of their re-sit credits. More information about mitigating circumstances can be found in the Academic Handbook.

• You will have to reapply each year (form for completion will be supplied by the Head of Performance Sport).

• This scholarship is not available to franchise college students. Please get in touch with the college to learn whether there are any scholarships or bursaries available.

• You are not eligible to receive both the Elite Sport Scholar award and the Postgraduate Scholarship at the same time.

• The incentive program will be specifically created to help students reach their athletic potential.

• The selection committee for the scholarship will consist of the Head of Performance Sport, the Sports Manager of the Student Union, and a member of the academic staff.

The Elite Sport Scholar Award: How Do You Apply?

Please follow these procedures to submit an application for the Elite Sport Scholar Award.

(1) Complete the Elite Sport Scholar Award application.

(2) handing it off to the head of performance sport with a copy of the performance standards and a contact list for the coach to facilitate the recommendation request.

Note: You will automatically receive an email notification. If you do not receive this notification, please contact as soon as you can so we can confirm receipt. You will be notified that you are qualified if you satisfy the requirements.

A final confirmation of award receipt will be sent when the examinations are finished and before the start of your course.

University Official Website

For additional information, go visit the official website for the Elite Sport Scholar Award:

History of Cardiff Metropolitan University

Our history began in 1865, when Cardiff’s Old Free Library served as the School of Art’s first home. We have kept our Welsh heritage alive since becoming a university while providing students from all over the world with a practice-focused and career-oriented education.

In relation to the University

Cardiff Metropolitan is proud of every graduate, and we’ll be here for you as you begin your lives beyond college.

We provide early career support for recent graduates and aim to stay in touch with you throughout your career. We also provide you the chance to inspire our children by hiring you for jobs or having you speak at events, and that’s only the beginning!

After you graduate, we look forward to hearing about your next steps in life and communicating with you about Cardiff Met’s ongoing activities.

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