Scholarship From Eni Oxford 2023 For Africa (Fully Funded)

Continue your education in the UK. good news Currently, there is a vacant Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship. In this article, we will go over this scholarship in great detail, including its benefits and a step-by-step guide for applying.

African students are eligible to apply for the Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship 2023–2024, which is fully funded. The MBA programs at Oxford University are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship covers the entire cost of the MBA program, a living allowance, and one round-trip flight.

The money came from the international integrated energy company Eni. According to its mission, which was inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Eni contributes to the SDGs targets through strategic cooperations centered on areas of mutual interest like youth employment, agriculture value chains, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, particularly in Africa (SDGs). This year, Eni will fully fund two scholarships for two eligible graduates who desire to attend Oxford to complete their MBAs.

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The financing is provided by the international integrated energy company Eni, which has a long tradition of supporting scholarships. The “Scuola Enrico Mattei” made graduate study possible in Italy and established managerial studies as a field of study throughout Europe. Since 1957, the “Scuola” has given scholarships to almost 2600 recent graduates from 111 different countries so they can enroll in a “Master MEDEA” program in the oil and energy industry, continuing the Mattei tradition all over the world.

Eni advertises and puts into action its training and knowledge management initiatives through Eni Corporate University. Eni strengthens the company’s expertise in its business areas by using its long-standing connections with the most prestigious national and international universities.

Oxford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are two of these esteemed institutions that Eni may rely on for support in addition to the leading Italian Universities.

An Overview Of The Scholarship

  • Universities: Oxford University;
  • MBA program; United Kingdom
  • MBA Program
  • Listed Courses Timeframe: 12 months

Application deadline:

The following deadlines apply to the class of 2023–2024 Oxford MBA candidates:
Stage 1: Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Stage 2: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Stage 3: Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Stage 4: Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Benefits And Areas of Scholarship Coverage

The Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship covers the following subjects:

1. The whole MBA course tuition.
2. A living expense allowance.
3. One-way air travel costs.

The Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship Requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants to be eligible for an Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship:

  • Language requirement: English.
  • You’ll need to demonstrate your proficiency in English
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, South Africa, and Tunisia are among the eligible nations.
  • A one-page CV detailing your two years or more of full-time job experience is required.
  • They search for proof of professional advancement, exposure to other countries, and the capacity to demonstrate leadership potential. They don’t prioritize industry-specific experience.
  • Strong quantitative and analytical abilities demonstrated by your GMAT or GRE scores.

How To Apply For An Eni-Oxford Scholarship For Africa

Please adhere to the guidelines below to apply for an Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship:

  • You will be required to describe your post-MBA professional ambitions in detail and show how the school will give you the tools you need to realize them
  • By giving us a clear picture of your professional development, you’ll demonstrate to us that you’re aware of the advantages of your prior work experience, have thought about your long-term professional objectives, and understand how an MBA can help you achieve both.
  • Upload all of your university degree academic transcripts and mark sheets to the online application form.
  • Along with Inform them of something about you that isn’t mentioned in your application but that you’d like the admissions committee to know. (250 words most.)
  • You must additionally submit the following essay if you are applying for the Oxford 1+1 MBA program:
  • Describe why you think this is especially advantageous for you and how it ties in with your professional and personal development goals. (250 words most.)

Re-applicants must submit a supplementary essay in the format described below:

  • In terms of your credentials, what adjustments have you made since your prior application to the Oxford MBA? (At most 250 words.)
  • When reading your papers, the admissions committee will be on the lookout for evidence of your ability to communicate clearly, your potential for leadership, your analytical skill, and your fit with the Oxford MBA community, among other attributes.
  • Using our online evaluation instrument, you must respond to five questions. In order for us to virtually meet you, get a sense of who you are, and show how you think on your feet, you must successfully complete an online test as part of your application:
  • Written response: Please submit a random, amusing response to show your flexibility in thinking. • Two competency-based questions that will be chosen at random. • Two questions regarding motivation to which all applicants must respond.
  • Using the online application form, you are required to submit two references, preferably from people who are experts in your industry.
  • Once you’ve entered their information into the form, your referee will automatically receive an email from the School with instructions on how to complete the online reference form.
  • Take note that they only accept references from verified corporate, professional, or institutional email addresses; they cannot take recommendations from Gmail or Hotmail accounts
  • Make sure the following conditions are met before submitting your form. Apply on-line.They will use the information you have provided to determine your eligibility for this scholarship once you have submitted your MBA application, so please make sure it is accurate and that the £150 application fee has been paid. Nothing else has to be accomplished.

Official Website

Visit the Eni-Oxford Africa Scholarship’s official website at to apply and learn more.


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