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Police Clearances For Work Permits In Canada For Jobs

Police Clearances For Work Permits In Canada For Jobs

Police Clearances For Work Permits In Canada For Jobs

You can be requested to submit police clearance certificates by the visa officer who is assessing your application. Depending on where you apply, this document can be required with your initial submission and be listed on your application checklist.

Applicants for work permits could be asked to present a police clearance certificate from each nation they have lived in for six months or longer after turning 18.

The physical required for a work visa in Canada
Depending on their expected length of stay, where they have lived, and what profession they will work in, foreign people who apply to work in Canada might need to undergo a medical examination.

Generally speaking, you won’t need a medical exam if you’re planning to work in Canada for less than six months, with a few exceptions. You must get a medical examination if you plan to work in a position that puts you in close proximity to people or if you are an agricultural worker who has traveled to specific nations.

If one of the following situations applies and you intend to work in Canada for a period longer than six months, you will be required to undergo a medical examination.

You have spent six months or more living in or visiting one of the nations listed on Canada’s “Find out if you require a medical exam” page, or
You want to work in a profession that will put you in frequent contact with the people on the list.
Medical examinations must be carried out by a panel doctor that the IRCC has designated.

Candidates have the choice to undergo an initial medical examination. This entails speaking with the panel doctor and sitting for the test before filing an application for a work permit. Let’s say you must submit the findings of your medical examination with your application. The IRCC officer will then email instructions on how to complete the medical examination and give a date for when it must be finished.

An image is required for a Canadian work permit
The application for a Canadian work permit must be accompanied with a passport-sized photo from the applicant. The image needs to meet the requirements of the IRCC.

How long will it take to process my application for a work permit?

The type of work permit requested and the applicant’s current country of residence both affect how quickly a work permit application will be processed. The length of the processing process can range from a few weeks to many months.

When will my LMIA application be processed?

Regular and streamlined Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications are the two forms of LMIAs. Only in the Canadian province of Quebec is the LMIA streamlined accessible. Processing dates for the standard LMIA vary greatly from application to applicant and are determined on a case-by-case basis. A conventional LMIA application typically requires a minimum of five months for a response.

Employers can be eligible for accelerated LMIA processing if they meet the requirements for Canada’s Global Talent Stream. The streamlined LMIA completed for employment in Quebec is typically processed in two to three months.

What percentage of work permit and LMIA applications are successful?
Since each application for a work permit or LMIA is handled individually, it is impossible to provide a success percentage. An application ought to be accepted if the applicant satisfies the LMIA’s requirements. However, each officer has the option to decide whether or not to grant a work permit application after reviewing the application.

How can I find out where my application for a work permit stands?
You can monitor the status of an online work permit application by logging into your account. If you submitted a paper-based application, you can monitor the status by connecting it to an online IRCC account.

The grounds for denying a work permit application
Refusal of a work permit can be devastating. A work visa may be rejected for a variety of reasons. If the reason your application was turned down is unclear to you, requesting GCMS notes could be able to shed some light on the situation and help you, should you decide to reapply, address the officer’s concerns. Here are a few typical explanations for a work permit denial:

The officer was not persuaded that you could carry out your proposed work satisfactorily;
When your approved stay in Canada ends, the officer was not persuaded that you will return to your native country; You don’t fit the requirements for the work visa you requested.

How can I include my spouse and dependents to my application for a work permit?

  1. Your spouse can be qualified for an open work permit if you are for a closed Canadian work permit.
  2. If your spouse qualifies, they must submit a work permit application. They must typically submit an online application for this permit.

How can I make my work permit active?
Depending on where you apply from and how you apply, there are different ways to activate your work permit. Activating your work permit following a Canadian application

You will get an approval letter from IRCC if your application is accepted after you submit a work permit application from within Canada. If you use the approval letter online, it will show up in your account. If you filed a paper-based application, the letter would be mailed to your address.

Your physical work permit will be mailed to you after you have received your approval letter. You can utilize the permission to get a job in Canada because it will be active when it arrives. Activating your work permit following an international application

Let’s say that after submitting your application from outside of Canada, it is accepted. In that instance, a letter including instructions on how to obtain your actual work permit at the Canadian port of entry will be sent to you (POE). The instruction letter will show up on your online account if you apply online. If you submitted a paper application, the letter would be mailed to your mailing address.

After submitting an application at the port of entry, activating your work permit

At the Canadian border, some applicants may be qualified to get a work permit. You must provide proof of your eligibility if you are applying for a work visa at the border. If accepted, the officer may immediately print the work permit at the edge. This work permit is immediately usable.

Where to look for work in Canada
Starting your job search in Canada may seem intimidating. Fortunately, persons looking for a formal job offer from a Canadian employer have access to a wide range of services. We advise using the resources provided below by Canadim while beginning the job search. Before submitting any applications, make sure to take the time to create your resume and customize your social media presence!

Social Media Presence Guide for Canadian Resumes
A person may need to know their National Occupation Classification Code in order to apply for some jobs in Canada (NOC Code). By Canadian standards, this code is used to categorize all forms of employment. Canada has created a tool to help you locate your NOC Code as well.

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