Birkbeck University of London scholarships for 2023

Never give up; you are reading about scholarships at Birkbeck University of London for the 2023 academic year. Continue reading to the next paragraph and the rest of the post because you will find all the information and instructions you need on how to obtain this scholarship here.

The Birkbeck University of London Scholarships 2022–2023 are partially sponsored awards for international students. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible for these bursaries. The total award amount for this scholarship is £4,000.

attend classes in the UK. good news Scholarship applications are currently being accepted at Birkbeck University of London. We’ll go into great detail about this scholarship program, its benefits, and how to apply in this article.

Through a variety of networks, groups, and societies, Birkbeck’s academics and researchers collaborate. To encourage and support innovative, interdisciplinary research, these cross disciplinary boundaries and professional specialties.

Birkbeck has assisted students in achieving higher education and altering their lives for nearly 200 years. It has an illustrious, unconventional, and radical past.

Recap: Important Information About the Scholarship

• Graduate and undergraduate degrees

• The London-based University of Birkbeck

• Great Britain

See the list of potential areas below.

• Program Runtime: 12 months

Accessible courses at Birkbeck University in London

Accounting, Accounting and Management, Accounting and Management with Finance, Accounting with Finance, Business Psychology, Classics, Community Development and Public Policy, Computing, Contemporary History and Politics, Creative Writing, Creative Writing and English, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ancient History and Archaeology, Archaeology, Archaeology and Geography, Arts and Media Management
Geology, German, Geography, Geography and International Development, and German with International Experience

3-year, full-time Biomedicine (BSc) program
Four-year, part-time Biomedicine (BSc)
Six-year, part-time Biomedicine (BSc)
Both the Biomedicine with Foundation Year (BSc) and Biomedicine with Advanced Pathways (MSci) are four-year, full-time programs.
One-year, part-time Life Sciences for Subjects Allied to Medicine (Certificate in Higher Education)
2-year, part-time Life Sciences for Subjects Allied to Medicine (Certificate in Higher Education) Life Sciences for Subjects Allied to Medicine (Certificate in Higher Education) 1-year, January start


  • Analysis of Bioscience (MSc) Analysis of Bioscience (Postgraduate Diploma)
  • MSc in Analytical Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry (Postgraduate Diploma)
  • The biobusiness (MSc)
  • Chemical Research; Bioinformatics (MRes); Bioinformatics (MSc); (MRes)
  • International Infectious Diseases (MRes)
  • Electron microscopy of macromolecules (Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Microbiology (MSc): three-year, part-time program
  • Crystallography of proteins (Postgraduate Certificate)
  • Structural Molecular Biology (MRes) and Structural Biology (Postgraduate Certificate)


Biology (PhD or MPhil)

Benefits and Areas of Scholarship Coverage

The following prize sums are given to Birkbeck International Scholarship recipients:

• £4000 (tuition fee-alone, first year only) (tuition fee-only, first year only)
• £1500 • £2000 (first year alone tuition charge) (tuition fee-only, first year only)
• £1000 (tuition fee-alone, first year only) (tuition fee-only, first year only).

General rules: Full scholarships cannot be held simultaneously with a scholarship (e.g. Chevening). After being selected for the scholarship, the non-refundable $2000 deposit must be paid in full within two weeks.

Conditions for Eligibility

For consideration for a Birkbeck International Scholarship, applicants must fulfill each of the requirements specified below:

Language requirement: English.

• Countries in Africa are eligible (Sub-Saharan) Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Japan)

• The MENA, South East Asia, East Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America (Middle East and North Africa).

• As an international student paying tuition overseas, Birkbeck has made you an unconditional offer to enroll in a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught program starting in the fall of 2022. You must have been determined to be an international fee payer in order to be eligible.

• You normally reside in one of the countries in the concerned area.

• You can support yourself.

• You pay tuition even though you are a “international” student.

• The scholarship is frequently only available as a standalone award and only allows one recipient per student.

How Do I Apply for Birkbeck’s International Scholarships?

Please adhere to the directions below to submit an application for a Birkbeck International Scholarship:

(1) Submit an application after reviewing the general entry requirements.

(2) You can apply via the online application form for the region where your principal residence is located if Birkbeck has issued you an unconditional offer.

• For people whose home countries are typically Asia or Central Asia

You must reside in Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India and be a citizen of one of those countries.

• Application form for people who frequently live in East Asia or South East Asia

Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau Special Administrative Region, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam are among the nations or areas that you must be a resident of.

• Application form for people who generally live in the Middle East or North Africa

You must be a resident of and have citizenship in one of the following countries: Turkey, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Bahrain, Kuwait, or Tunisia.

• Application form for people who generally live in North America

You must be a resident and a citizen of either Canada or the United States.

• Form for those who generally reside in the Caribbean or Latin America

You must be a resident of, and a citizen of, a nation in Latin America or the Caribbean, excluding Brazil. If you are a citizen of Brazil, you may be eligible for the Birkbeck Global Future Scholarship (see above).

Application form for people who frequently live in Sub-Saharan Africa

Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Democratic Republic), Equatorial Guinea, eSwatini, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Democratic Republic), Lesotho, Liberi

A statement supporting the application that is no more than 4000 characters will be used to determine which scholars will be chosen as winners. The statement should include an explanation of why they are the greatest candidate for the scholarship.

You’ll get an email informing you of the outcome of your scholarship application. You must pay the non-refundable deposit of £200 in full by the deadline listed in your award letter (typically five working days).

By no later than 8 October 2022, you must successfully enroll for the Autumn 2022 intake in order to qualify for the grant.

Authentic or official Website

To find out more about Birkbeck International Scholarships, go to the official website:


Birkbeck has assisted students in achieving higher education and altering their lives for nearly 200 years. We take great pride in our colorful, unconventional, and radical past.


On the evening of November 11, 1823, around 2000 people flocked to the Crown and Anchor Tavern on the Strand to hear Dr. George Birkbeck lecture about the value of educating London’s working class. This event marks the creation of Birkbeck.

Jeremy Bentham, the philosopher and father of utilitarianism, Sir John Hobhouse, a radical MP who served in a number of major government roles, and Henry Brougham, a liberal MP, anti-slavery activist, and ardent education reformer, were among the supporters in attendance.

The London Mechanics’ Institute was formally created at the same place on December 2, 1823, following this original assembly, with the stated objective of training working people.

This foundation permitted for the first time the study of science, art, and economics by artists and crafters, a concept so contentious that George Birkbeck was charged with “spreading the seeds of evil.” It was declared by George Birkbeck that “now is the moment for the widespread advantages of the blessings of knowledge” as he remained unaffected and exhorted his supporters to act. After numerous philanthropists were convinced of the need of the mission, enough money was obtained to establish the Institution and pursue an entirely new idea.

Choosing A Pace

Seven years later, in 1830, the Institute made a second risky decision by becoming one of the first colleges to admit women as students, more than 40 years before the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

At the time the University of London’s Charter was adopted in 1858, any student could sit for degree examinations. In a short period of time, Birkbeck became the best choice for students who wanted to attend a university but had the means for full-time education.

This role was codified in 1920 when Birkbeck joined the University of London, with the expectation that Birkbeck would continue to provide evening study.


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